Carole | Zoe Ward

Unlike the Amish community, who’s dress is modest in colour, Hutterite women wear bright colours, calicos, tartans, check and prints and often worn all together. They live communally and buy a quantity of fabric each year for clothes to be made, which is shared across the community.

Bosahan Woods | Emily Pinard

Women have historically been a representation for sexual desire and are often illustrated by male artists. This project portrays the way in which women are reclaiming their power through the ideals of body and landscape merging.

Thin Places | Gemma Dagger

There is a celtic saying that the distance between heaven and earth is only three feet apart but in thin places that distance is even smaller. In ‘thin places’ the veil between this world and the other world is thinner and we can catch a glimpse of the divine. They are special place which refresh the spirit and open the threshold to the sacred.


Our most recent online workshop – homemade scarecrows. Using anything from around the house or in the garden to create imaginative, slightly wonky figures.