Fish Out of Water | Bluebell Ross

“We are digital natives exploring the world through technology”.

The editorial Fish Out of Water explores the feeling of displacement in today’s society caused by “living online”. Growing up in rural Scotland, I have always felt at one with nature in comparison to a feeling of displacement when I spend time online. I was inspired by the difference in the quality of social interactions I experienced when living in London last summer. I noticed that eye contact is rare, people prefer to remain plugged into their own digital bubble instead. Coming from a village where everyone knows each other this is something that stuck out to me in particular.

Whilst finishing my degree the UK was plunged into the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic and I found myself living back in rural highland Perthshire. Here, surrounded by nature, I discovered just how reliant I am on technology to communicate with friends and family through this difficult time. I have a new found acceptance and appreciation of the integration of technology into our lives today.

Bluebell Ross is a Fashion Communication graduate from Heriot Watt University. Follow her Instagram to see more of her work.