Carole | Zoe Ward

The Carole collection, by fashion designer Zoe Ward, was inspired by the traditional Anabaptist group, Hutterite. Unlike the Amish community, who’s dress is modest in colour, Hutterite women wear bright colours, calicos, tartans, check and prints and often worn all together. They live communally and buy a quantity of fabric each year for clothes to be made, which is shared across the community. Photographed by Ruby Pluhar, the three-look collection was created during Zoe’s second year at Glasgow School of Art. Bright silk taffeta tartans against Prince of Wales checks and vibrant reds, which are all patched together with exaggerated silhouettes.

Photographed on Seamill beach, Scotland.  

Photography and Art Direction: Ruby Pluhar

Styling: Zoë Ward

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