Stories in Clothes | Sam Wood


There are stories in the clothes designed by Sam Wood. Here he shares his collection and in his own words summarises the intricacies of the collection:


Through narrative exploration into personal histories of heritage and genealogy, my practice manifests from a lexicon of material derived from period photography and Scots Literature. There lies a deep existentialism at the core of my work which drives my research into craft and fantasy. In doing so, I am able to create my own reality in order to oppose the reality I am faced with.

I draw much of my inspiration from a collection of old photographs that I have collected over the past couple of years. I am attracted to objects with a realm of mystery surrounding them, resulting in archive imagery becoming an integral part of my identity as a designer and researcher. The unknown context and individuals within the images, as well as the aged papers they are printed onto, force me to treat them as sacred objects.

A tactile approach towards fabric sourcing and preparation is integral to the creation of my clothes. I utilise a mixture of vintage, found and locally sourced materials to assure my process is as ethically and sustainably viable as possible; as well as reinforcing much of my research. This approach also leads me to work with unconventional pieces of material.

By making clothing that is both unusual and wearable, I can provide the opportunity to explore the nuances of each of our personalities. The collections are not just for runways or photographs, they are intended to be worn in daily life. By doing so, the wearer – usually myself and friends – can practise even the most banal of activities whilst we feel as if we are living in a dream. I believe it is important to find forms of escapism such as this, which can help to provide optimism; calmness of mind; and, inevitably, happiness. A healthier world can be formed.

The work I do aims to encourage people to dream and recognise the importance of imagination and fantasy in the everyday – to find joy in the unknown details and situations that surround our daily routines.

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