Fashion & Nature Photography Workshop


Whilst on a trip to Folkestone with my friend Fanding Sun, we found an old curtain cast on the side of the road. She scooped it up and we tucked it through the straps of her backpack to take it along with us on our walk. When we arrived at the beach, she stepped inside the curtain and performed to the movement of the waves. I had the pleasure of photographing her at work and was the only audience aside from two men eagerly searching the beach with metal detectors.


A very slow, mindful week of observation in North Ronaldsay led to meeting people and asking them if they would like to dress up for a portrait. This then led to matching coats with fence posts.

Fashion and Nature

We held a vote on Instagram stories and you chose ‘Fashion and Nature’ for the next workshop theme. For those who took part previously, I’d like to push yourself to find the fashion angle in your images. The first part was about observation, now is the time to take these observations and shape them into concepts. If you shot architecture, maybe you want to consider trying to take a geometric fashion photo, looking at shape and line in the body and surroundings or if you captured atmosphere then try to keep that going – you might also feel inspired by someone else’s submissions or find a surprise inspiration while you are scouting outside. If you missed the first part – join in now anyway!

I know that ‘fashion’ can sound a little intimidating to some. I’ve been there and I’ve been very worried in the past to be seen taking fashion photos, especially those taken outdoors and on the streets. Anything with clothes can be fashion – and even then, maybe there aren’t  clothes! I’m very open and excited to see your interpretation.

The more I have taken outdoor photographs, the more I realise that people are generally delighted to see something interesting while they are out and are very encouraging, so don’t be shy. Anyone with a camera out on an adventure taking photos of themselves or others is readily equipped to be a fashion photographer so don’t be intimidated!


This is an out-take from my trip to North Ronaldsay, where an RSPB Volunteer decided to lie across a water-filled collection of buoys with a very carefully placed teapot beside him. He had started off a little embarrassed, so every time he suggested an idea I agreed to it and we tried it out. Don’t be afraid to do a little experimenting just to see what happens and it might help the person you are photographing to relax into the photos as well. I’m a big fan of ‘found fashion’ which is basically dressing up in things that you find – fallen leaves, old curtains and rusty teapots alike! If you can, find a way to incorporate found fashion into your photos.

These are a collection of gloves growing beside the beach near Dungeness – so still life is definitely an option if you end up short of willing models!


The same as we did last time, you have one week to take part in the workshop and the results will be shared online. Submit your Fashion and Nature photos by using the #terancommunity hashtag on Instagram, email me at and my DM’s are always open too!