What can I say? I was hoping for 20 entries for the first part of the workshop and there are more than 100 posts and ranging from 10 different countries!

For part one we turned our eyes to the yellow. I’m amazed by the effort people put into this and fascinated by the paintings, prints and quilting that people are making. I would love to know more about what everyone is making in the future.

I’ve separated the photographs into some vague categories, just to make looking through them a bit easier to navigate. The credits for all the photos are on the Teran Community Instagram with the original posts.

Art & Craft

Flowers and foliage


The Street

Lemons and other food





Fashion & Styling


There’s a reason I put fashion and styling last! Next week, join us in part two of the workshop and feel free to join in even if you didn’t take part this one!