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As part of the Seeing Same exhibition opening this weekend, I’ll be sharing our very first online workshop. It is a 3-part fashion photography workshop and here’s your first challenge!

This first task is the simplest –

Look for yellow.

This week try to observe your surroundings and spot interesting patches of yellow. 

Look for anything containing the hue, try to create an interesting composition.
Think about how much you want the frame to be filled with the colour.
Can you make an unexpected shape or line with what you are photographing?
Consider how the light affects it and how many types of yellow you can find.

This warm up photo can include people, clothing, still life or anything you’ve observed.

Send me your yellow pictures and let’s fill the @teran_community instagram feed with your finds. You can either email your photos to or share them on Instagram with the hashtag #teranworkshop – you have until Thursday 25th of April before we share part two!
Feel free to take as many photos as you wish, there are no limits!

I can wait to see what you find!

Best wishes,

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