Louise Barrington


Teran began as a publication focussing on rural out-migration and the ebb and flow of artists and creatives from their rural homes. In the original book, we interviewed Louise Barrington. It is a pleasure to invite her to share her recent work with us. A fine artist based in the Orkney Islands, with a background in Sculpture and Textiles from Slade School of Fine Art and Central Saint Martins respectively, Louise’s work has the steadfastness of knowing a land, more than memorising it – embodying it. This series is titled Poetics of Space.


The landscape of Orkney has had a significant impact on me, the open spaces are full of energy and the quality of light, especially at ‘in between’ times, twilight and dusk, has greatly influenced my restrained colour palette. I am interested in the misinterpretation of ‘emptiness’ within open spaces. In my work, the void becomes an equally positive space for projection of ideas reflecting my interest in the Japanese aesthetic of Ma.




To see more of Louise Barrington’s work, visit her website. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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