Ruins | Kiri Leigh Zullo

“I was inspired by On a Raised Beach when I was creating this and there’s a line in it “There are plenty of ruined buildings in the world but no ruined stones” that kept floating through my head during the week of shooting this in Devon.”

Skeklers | Gemma Dagger

Whilst in Shetland, photographer Gemma Dagger came across the fascinating tradition of Skekling, that had long died out. In this photo series, she recreates the frightening Skeklers, which appear almost mythical.

Hard-won Chutney | Mairi Isla

Mairi Isla is an illustrator based in Dundee. Throughout lockdown, she started working on an allotment, developing her knowledge and of growing food and cherishing every success, however small. She also began to find different applications for her illustration – ranging from seed packets to…